• About dataa

    "Dataa" is a new word meaning "data analytics". It's just our way of saying that data is our passion.


    Dataa is a leading company in big data analytics, data mining and smart business intelligence.


    Dataa has developed a team of top data scientists, bringing the best experts together to solve customers’ problems and build data-driven companies.

    We have at our disposal a set of high-level in-house tools we developed for big data, web, text and graph mining, which we then combine with our developed expertise in data analytics, predictive modelling and data clustering. This innovative 360° methodology enables us to deliver exceptional added value to our customers, helping them to disrupt the market before being disrupted or Uber-ised themselves!

    Moreover we can further leverage this insight in data by using our own data sources, gathered from sources available worldwide on individuals and corporations.

    These innovative solutions are used by clients in all business sectors including governmental institutions.

    We deliver these solutions to our clients both using both a combination of ’ready to use’ solutions or by developing specific and tailor-made projects.

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