• Welcome to MEC Data Challenge

    Here you will find all details about the challenge

    As you know, MEC Data Challenge is a student challenge, where students from VUB, ULB, UGent, University College of London, and others will partipatew, from February 20th to June 25th. There is no registration deadlines.

    MEC Data Challenge objectives

    From a dataset, available on Kaggle in class, you will have to identify users with different IP addresses and devices, profile the users behaviour in general and make a timing profile 24/7 of the users. This means that you will need to determine at which moment of the day and of the week, the users adopt a specific behaviour.

    Dataset available on Kaggle in class

    The information available, through a CSV file, are:

    1. URL address
    2. IP address
    3. Time stamp (the opening and the closing hour of a webpage)
    4. Browser
    5. Media option (video)
    6. Action (click)

    MEC Data Challenge agenda

    1. Registration from February 6th with no registration deadline

    2. Kick off Meeting in VUB (broadcast on Facebook Live) on February 15th at 3 pm

    3. Competition launches on February 20th

    4. Follow-up and support for the students during the contest by data scientists

    5. Submission of your proposition until June 25th (included)

    6. Awards announcement on July 3rd


    Evaluation based on the ability for the students’ algorithms to

    • Identify the end-user behind multi-devices used

    • Clustering users through categories (ages, occupation, etc)

    • Temporal behavior profiling 24/7 

    The evaluation principles will be validated by professors and professional data scientists.

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