• MEC Data Challenge ended on June 25th

    Students from 37 universities in Europe contributed in one of the most amazing Data Challenges in the last few years.

    A Student Challenge

    Make the engine of tomorrow !

    The MEC Data Challenge is a cutting-edge competition for enthusiastic science students who want to showcase their analytic and technical skills. The participating students work in teams of two to three and are tasked with developing an algorithm for processing the significant cumulative big data from media sector.

    Multi-University Challenge

    A multilingual and international challenge

    MEC Data Challenge is an open competition where students from VUB, ULB, UGent, University College of London, and others participate. It is an exciting opportunity for students to be confronted to other students from different culture and challenge each other.

    MEC Data Challenge objectives

    Make the engine of tomorrow...

    The students have to work on professional issues by developing an algorithm which can identify users through all their devices, profiling their general behavior and temporal behavior.

    In other words, create a new engine which will define the advertisement strategy of the future. An inspiring objective which impacts foremost business and the means to communicate with clients.

    Data Crawler

    Our solution to collect data on volunteer population

    The quality and the traceability of data are two of the main concerns about MEC Data Challenge. For ensuring students to have the best data, Dataa has developed its own solution, Data Crawler, to guarantee the best quality and traceability of the data, and ensure to students the fairest evaluation.

    MEC Data Challenge Rewards

    Three Rewards for the three best teams !

    To reward the best projects, a cash prize of 5000 euros will be offered by MEC, and is divided in three rewards. To evaluate the submitted algorithm, data scientists from Dataa team will use scientific methods.

    The evaluation principles will be validated with the Steering Committee composed by teacher and professional data scientists.

    Kaggle Platform

    A platform for data scientist

    The Kaggle in class is the platform where students can find data and submit their work. The Dataa team, in partnership with Kaggle team, ensures the support of the challenge on Kaggle in class.

    A challenge sponsored by MEC

    MEC’s global agency ambition is: ‘To be our clients’ most valued business partner, to be famous for inspiring people and to achieve exceptional results’. MEC embraces this philosophy in all they do.

    Communications planning sits at the heart of their business model as they develop communication strategies that influence consumers to engage with their clients’ brands and that deliver both brand and business growth.

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