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    Digital Factory

    More and more organizations need to foster and leverage their data to develop new services. We help organisations set up the right environment to manage data-driven innovation - a secured environment where your data can be valorised safely with top data scientists working collaboratively with your team. Dataa brings its unique in-house cross-fertilisation and innovation techniques to allow your teams to be more efficient with their big data.


    Create added value with big data with in-house data experts.


    Data Analytics

    Data analysis has become crucial to many organisations. In today’s world, having the correct information means having the power. Data enables you to predict the behaviour of your market faster and more accurately. Also, as the quantity of data is exploding, it is a vital strategic move for organisations to take due care of their data quality and consistency while setting up the right strategy by using data management tools to solve their most difficult business problems.


    DATAA offers data analysis, complex data modelling, data mining, data prediction and real-time data management.

    DATAA provides:

    • Corporate data quality management
    • Massive data scoring engine
    • Data architecture specifications
    • Real-time data monitoring
    • Crossing data with public data sources

    Data Platform

    We set up a data platform that enables companies of all sizes to leverage their business & process data to make predictions that will help them make good decisions.
    The uniqueness of AI4 is its ability to cross the sources of internal company data with external sources (weather, geography, socio-economic and social networks)
    The platform can trigger business actions based on the predictive model.

    Predictive Model

    Predictive modelling consists of calculating the probability that a phenomenon will occur in the future through mining data from the past. Predictive modelling covers a set of techniques and algorithms allowing the prediction of a targeted behaviour based on past observations.


    DATAA has developed proprietary predictive modelling software successfully used to:

    • Identify commercial leads

    • Improve sales conversion

    • Reduce churn

    • Risk scoring

    Data scientists in our team also have broad experience with web, text and graph techniques.


    Deep learning

    Today, machine learning has become essential to businesses. It is used in many varied applications, without users even noticing it - online search, face recognition and many others.

    With deep learning, you can better understand your customers’ behaviours and automatically propose the right services and products at the right time.


    DATAA performs analytical and computational solutions to help customers solve their most difficult problems. Our team has a high-level of knowledge in the latest deep learning algorithms such as random forest and others.


    We can leverage these powerful techniques to help you solve your most difficult problems.


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