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DATAA recruits high level data scientists

Rare are the profiles of data scientists who are able both to understand the business problems of customers but also to express them in scientific terms by choosing the right tools to solve these problems. Faced with this shortage of data scientists, the idea is to propose a service of "data science" based on powerful tools focused on marketing data.

With DATAA, companies can benefit from both expert advice and an intelligent online platform that allows them to analyze their data, capitalizing on the unique know-how already developed.
We have identified 3 main needs of organizations that process large amounts of data from their users for marketing purposes:

  • Enhancing user / customer data: knowing their own customers or users better, using existing data from a CRM or cookies, is an important issue for many companies; They must therefore be able to enrich this data with external sources such as social networks in order to make better use of their user base;
  • User profiling (personas and 'look alike'): categorizing users by preferences and interest profiles is an important step in targeting user groups and acquiring new similar users;
  • Predictive marketing: better anticipate and predict changes in marketing and sales campaigns, based on predictive modeling and on the basis of available information; Predict the best time to send an advertisement to the right targets to maximize performance.
To reinforce its team, DATAA recruits experienced data scientists who will bring their passion for data analytics, problem solving and business problem resolution.
Find out job opportunities with DATAA here.
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