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MEC (WPP group) invests in Data Science with DATAA

DATAA provides in-house data scientist team and data analytics team with customers

Big data, Smart data or Internet Of Things, ...

All the concepts and terminologies used for many years by the entire market, be it on the side of advertisers or the media, and yet for reasons of complexity, means and / or priorities are only too few explored to create value.

MEC Belgium and DATAA, a start-up specializing in Data Science, have decided to move closer together in order to develop four areas of expertise which, according to the agency, will be the new jobs of tomorrow: Predictive Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and the development of new media solutions.

DATAA, with CEO François Bordes (Ex VP Capgemini), is currently made up of 6 data scientists from different horizons: KUL, UCL and VUB. They are physically integrated into the agency to facilitate knowledge sharing with all MEC teams.

Thierry Brynaert said: "Partnerships with start-ups active in areas complementary to ours are a priority for the agency. This combination with DATAA, initiated at the end of 2016, will allow us to develop projects that are resolutely oriented towards the future, by accompanying our clients and prospects in areas where they still have too little control.

François Bordes adds "MEC and its innovation strategy based on an objective and structured vision of the future quickly seduced us. The combination of our two companies will allow us to support many advertisers in their media data, sales, etc. but also in the creation of new algorithms that will contribute to the development of solutions in predictive marketing and artificial intelligence.

With this collaboration, MEC offers its customers and prospective customers the opportunity to embrace the challenges associated with the Big Data that we already have from 2017 and even more in the years that follow.

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