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DATAA launches Data Challenge with MEC

DATAA and MEC partner with greatest universities in Europe to work on digital big data.

It is the beginning of one of the most cutting-edge student competition to bring innovation in the media sector. Participants will work on a 3 million line dataset, gathering digital big data from a representative panel of the Belgian population. The objective set to participants is to develop an algorithm which can:

  • Identify users through all their devices
  • Clustering users in categories (ages, gender, occupations, etc)
  • Profiling user’s behaviour 24/7

In other words, create a new engine which will redefine the advertisement strategy of the future. Inspiring objectives which impact foremost business and the means to communicate with clients. Participants will develop algorithms which will allow to:

  • Identify users behind different devices
  • Improve media messages, targeting and personalization

MEC Data Challenge is an open competition where students from universities all over Europe are welcome to participate. In particular, VUB, ULB, UGent, University College of London, and others participate in Europe. To reward the best projects, the three best teams will receive respectively:

  • 3,000 euros
  • 1,500 euros
  • 500 euros

The competition is organized on the Kaggle platform and participants solutions will be scored automatically based on their accuracy.

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