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    Gaining access to your key customers' and partners' data in real-time offers you a competitive advantage.

    DATAA gives you access to an existing database of corporations that you can integrate with your own in-house data to perform a 360° analysis of your customers and partners, while boosting your sales by gaining knowledge about your potential customers.


    DATAA's AI4 platform can be used for:

      • Customer acquisition
      • User data enrichment
      • Predictive marketing


      Mobility generates a tremendous quantity of data coming from connected vehicles. With the trends towards shared mobility, mobility data need to be stored, analysed and treated in real-time. We believe that the real potential of mobility comes down to the user data. Tomorrow’s winners are the companies who will successfully harness the power of this data to propose new mobility services to their users.


      DATAA's AI4 platform can be used for:

        • Fleet management and analytics
        • Travel optimisation and prediction
        • Connected vehicles data collection


        AI4 FINANCE

        Financial data management has become crucial in the modern world. Fintech is a revolution that is disrupting industries, offering a vast potential for new services.

        Data science helps finance professionals get the most of their data sets.


        DATAA's AI4 platform can be used for:

        • Financial data analysis
        • Financial time series prediction
        • Financial risk ranking


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